About the Church

Faith Baptist Church of Baldwin was established on April 16th, 1967, under the leadership of Pastor Harold Eckert and Dr. Arthur Allen of the Minnesota Baptist Association, with 14 members present.

The group first met in the home of Norman Nelson under the name of “Faith Bible Class”. On April 16th, 1967 the group called the 1st meeting to order, after the morning service to elect a temporary clerk and treasurer. Mrs. Norman Nelson was elected clerk and Mrs. Russell Holzer was elected Treasurer by unanimous vote.

On April 23rd, 1967 the group held their 2nd meeting, with 18 members present, to chose a name for the church. The names suggested were as follows: FAITH BAPTIST      CALVARY BAPTIST      INDEPENDENT BAPTIST      GRACE BAPTIST       BALDWIN BAPTIST
11 votes for Faith Baptist, so it was agreed upon that “Faith Baptist Church,
Inc” would be their new name.

On May 15th, 1967, Pastor Grant Rice, from Wisconsin Baptist Convention, came to discusses the wishes of Faith Baptist to establish an Independent Baptist Church. June 15th, 1967, Pastor Rice returned to help organize the church. The need of a Constitution was discussed . On June l6th, 1967, 4 men were chosen to ask for the charter: Pastor Eckert, Norman Nelson, Charles Wahlquist, & Russell Holzer. Pastor Grant than read the Articles of Faith, Romans 1:14-16.

A meeting was called on September 9th, 1967, to discuss a recent letter from the State of Wisconsin concerning the name of the church. There was at the present time a corporation in Racine, Wis. with the same name. It was than decided to name the Church FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH OF BALDWIN, INC.

The church building fund was established on September 27th, 1967 from a memorial given in memory of Ellamae Nelson.

On November 19th, 1967, the first group of believers came forward for Believers Baptism, after the morning service, and were baptized that evening at Immanuel Baptist Church in Menomonie were: Diane Nelson, Rebecca Nelson, Gary Nelson, Richard Nelson, Jeff Wahlquist, & Pamela Wahlquist.

In the beginning of 1970 the church began worshiping in the Legion Hall in Baldwin and later rented an old church building in Baldwin.

On August 18th, 1971, Pastor Eckert announced his intention to resign and to accept a position at a Bible College in Petersburg, Virginia.

November 7th, 1971, Pastor and Mrs. Denning gave their testimonies before the church, after which the church voted unanimously to have Pastor Denning come to be the pastor. It was also voted on to have him licensed at that time.

On Sunday Evening, February 13th, 1972 a short business meeting was called to discuss the purchasing of 9 acres of land, from Marion DeJong, for the new home of Faith Baptist Church for the price of $8,500. On May 24th, 1972, the digging began for the basement of the church and the formation of the existing building was begun. In August of the same year construction of the church building began to take place under the guidance of Fred Eisner, with much of the work being done by members of the
congregation. The 1st service in the new building took place New Years Eve, 1972.

The 1st parsonage was a trailer home, a House of Harmony 1965 model, purchased for the price of $3,500, on November 26th, 1972.

In the early 1980’s the church was named as beneficiary in the will of Russell & Helen Holzer. The money was used to pay off the mortgage on the church building.

Pastor Denning left the later part of 1975 and Pastor Ken Sisco came and served as Interim Pastor from January 1976 to June of 1976. Pastor Everett Holmes came in July of 1976 and served as pastor until July of 1978. Pastor Bushy came in August of 1978, as an Interim Pastor and on January 21st, 1979, was asked to come as the full-time pastor. Pastor and Mrs. Bushy purchased 1 1/2 acres of land from the church in September of 1979 to build his own home. When the Bushys left in July of 1987 the church was able to buy the home from the Bushys so that they once again owned the 9 acres of land with a church and parsonage present.

On August 23rd, 1987 Pastor Garry Thompson accepted the call to become pastor of Faith Baptist Church.

October 27th, 1991, we celebrated the 2nd mortgage burning. How great our God is.

September of 1994 through much prayer and faithfulness of God’s people we were able to celebrate the burning of the 1st mortgage! What a great testimony of Faith.

Spring of 1997 the basement remodeling was completed. What a joyful occasion this was. We pray that the People and Building of Faith Baptist reflects and brings Glory to God in all that is done.

The desire of Faith Baptist Church is to be a lighthouse to guide sinful men to the light of this world, Jesus Christ, and then aid him in living a  consistent, full, and joyful life for Christ. We pray that Faith Baptist has been a light to you and in turn you have been a testimony of Faith Baptist.